How to Drill a Bowling Ball

how-to-drill-a-bowling-ballThis may come as a surprise to non professional bowlers but bowling balls come without holes in them and the holes are drilled into them later. For those of you who are professional bowlers drilling a ball can be quite a task that requires skill and precision. So, heres a bit of info for those who need advice on how to drill a bowling ball? - A bowling ball, an adjustable finger-span measuring ball, a bowling ball drill, bits and also a sanding attachment. It is important that you choose between a finger tip holes and also between a semi-finger hole configuration. Advanced players will use the finger drill on their bowling balls that provides a precision that is high and also an increased lift. It is up to you if you want to use a finger insert. You can also choose this over thumb inserts. The finger drilling is a different process when compared to a traditional ball drilling. The span between the thumb base and the portion where the fingers clutch the balls should be measured. After drilling the ball should also have thumb holes and diameters of hole inserts that are interchangeable.

The bowling ball driller should be set with the new ball. Before drilling, the ball needs to be clamped first. The drilling should be done according to the correct angle that you want. The holes need to be drilled precisely and according to the measurement that you require. It should be drilled as deep as the length of the fingers. Then use sand paper to smoothen the holes which is connected to the driller. It must be noted that the hole alignment when compared to the center line and also the direction of hole pitches in relation to the bowling ball center.

The main reason for making the angle for a thumb hole or for the finger hole is to give the bowler a proper grip so that the life of the ball is maximum when released. If the finger holes have a forward pitch, it might cause the fingers of the player to remain in the holes for longer and it will also be a forceful and greater lift.  Hence, drilling has been a very important factor for those who are professionals at the game. It must be noted that drilling a ball should be precise so that the fingers fit properly in the hole and gives a proper grip to the fingers of the bowler. While drilling you need to be very careful not to drill extra length than is desired.

It is very important that you clamp the ball while drilling and make sure that it is not loose as it might cause an uneven drilling. Drilling will definitely influence the ball when it comes to the hook and the swing as the holes will be according to your requirements a bowler and you will hence be able to perform the hook and swing properly. One can gain a lot of knowledge from the construction of bowling balls. It is gives information on how the coverstock and the core are influenced by each other and the various axis points which will help in deciding the drilling points.

It is noticed that when there are two good bowlers who are bowling well, the bowler whose ball reaction is better will most definitely win. A professional will look into all the bowling conditions of the game, especially the lane condition, the hook he is getting etc and then according to all these factors he will decide where exactly he has to drill the holes on the bowling ball and what kind of equipment he will have to use so that he gets the best performance out of the ball. Professionals always observe the right kind of bowling movement and the conditions that they are playing in. If the lanes are oiled and stripped there is a big possibility of the ball skidding at the front end and the back ends are really strong as well. The ball will glide smoothly to the end of the lane and will strike the target pins with less effort from both the bowler and the ten pin bowling ball. In such cases, a skid long or a flip hard kind of drilling is not needed.

But when you continue bowling, hooking of the heads will be early and there will be tight back ends as the ball will absorb all the oil on the surface of the lane. Therefore all these drilling facilities will be needed so as to improve the performance of the ball. Sometimes it is quite difficult to know whether you are throwing the ball in the right manner and with the proper technique. But lane conditions also influence the path of the ball and the drilling might not really have anything to do with the travel path of the bowling ball.

Bowling ball drills are mainly used to give the desired angle that is needed to drill the ball. There are various drills that are available in the market. It is always better to get your ball drilled by a professional or by a shop that that charges reasonable prices for drilling. It is best to give it to a store as they have specific knowledge and experience at drilling holes in bowling balls. A non-professional may use the wrong technique to drill the ball and hence cause damage to the ball. Since new bowling balls come without holes drilled in them, they need to go through special drilling as well as a smoothing process so that they can be used. Since so much detail goes into it an experienced technician for bowling balls handles the drilling process.

Drilling of bowling balls has been really famous over the past few years as it is the best way to accommodate the needs of the bowler so that the balls fits accordingly and gives the proper grip. Drilling is also essential as it helps in improving the hook and the backend of the ball which will satisfy the bowler in his game.

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