AMF Bowling Ball Reviews

AMF-angle-bowling-ball AMF Angle Bowling Ball Review
The AMF Angle Bowling Balls are quite affordable and much recommended for beginners as well as professionals. Of all the versions, Evolution tour or also the Evolution Extra are considered the best with regards to their features. This brand of bowls is best known for its strong and good finish.


AMF Nighthawk Bowling Ball Review

The AMF Nighthawk bowling balls are extremely reliable and very durable. They come in various colours and boast of asymmetric Nighthawk core and coverstock technology. They are highly recommended for professionals and best suited for medium oily conditions. It boasts of great control, impressive backend reactions and makes excellent strikes. Beginners can also use them for practice purposes.


AMF Radar Bowling Ball Review

The AMF Radar bowling ball boasts of the latest “Tower Core” technology giving it a high performance boost. Quite a reliable ball at that, considering its impressive features like a good backend reaction, smooth and steady roll and ability to make good strikes. This ball is suitable for medium heavy lane conditions and is recommended for both, the professionals and beginners alike.